Academy Tech - POOL

FUNCTION: Provide close supervision and assistance in daily living to students while ensuring students safety and well being. Assist in students needs assessment and treatment plan implementation under the guidance of the Academy Tech Supervisor and Assistant Administrator/Administrator. Provide instructional support and assist teacher in general clerical, administrative duties, and behavioral support and documentation.
1) Prepare classroom materials for other classroom personnel such as: sorting, counting, filing and other clerical duties.
2) Monitors students daily behavior with the appropriate reporting and recording of such information ensures proper documentation on treatment registers.
3) Acts as a bus technician as required.
4) Administer tests, score and mark papers and record grades.
5) Under teacher supervision and direction, assist in working with individuals or small groups in completing assignments.
6) Assists and/or provides group educational activities as scheduled.
7) Lunchroom duties, which include: assisting children with needs, general clean-up responsibilities, and maintaining discipline.
8) Escort children to and from various rooms and buildings.
9) Operate laminator, computers, copy machines, AV equipment, projectors, MP3, VCR, DVD, DVR, NEO boards and any other electronic or office equipment required to support educational and behavioral interventions and support.
10) Notifies appropriate staff on a weekly basis when supplies are needed. Stocks supplies when received.
11) Oversee classroom activities as necessary.
12) Assist other staff in classrooms and on campus when general or specific requests are initiated.
13) Assists at daily scanning of students in the morning and at boarding busses at the end of the day.
1) Perform other clerical duties or supportive services for teacher and clinician as needed.
2) Be willing to accept other duties such as: hall monitor, bus duty or responsibility for special classrooms as assigned.
3) Be willing to accept additional training for performing tasks to meet the special needs of certain children.
4) Be available to come in work when called by the Academy Tech Supervisor to cover the absence of full-time staff.
1) Age Specific: Developmental Stages, Enhances Family Involvement, Knowledge
2) Basic Job Readiness: Courtesy, Flexibility, Reliability, and Responsiveness
3) Personal Effectiveness: Communication, Interpersonal Skills, Self-Management, Thinking Skills
4) Organizational/Management Skills: CQI Commitment, Compliance, Management of Information, Organizational Participation, and Safety
5) Performance Specific: Crisis Management, Customer Focus, Psychosocial Interventions
Education: High school diploma or GED required
Experience: At least 1 year experience working with children with special needs in the educational setting is preferable.
Essential Function and Special Factors: Must be able to effectively deal with psychiatrically impaired and special needs students. Possess the ability to communicate and provide accurate descriptions of observed behavior. Must be able to perform basic first aid skills, and have basic knowledge of behavioral management techniques and child/adolescent concepts are fundamental to successful performance with professional assertiveness and tenacious work ethic. They have to personify honesty, dependability, organization and independence with a sincere feeling of safety and duty to the students and school. A calm, friendly approach toward students, families, and co-workers with a team approach is a necessity. Desire to expand knowledge through attending workshops, training, and completing online coursework to keep up to date with proper interventions and protocols is required.
Consistency in discipline procedures and have patience in working with children while maintain and cool deposition and great communication and de-escalation skills are essential. Required to carry heavy objects, sit on the floor or stand for long periods of time with children, stoop to pick up toys and walk to and from classes. Computer knowledge is vital to the satisfactory performance of this position.
Staff Development: Completes all administrative and competency requirements in accordance to Individual Training Plan.

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